Creativity is in our DNA

Ango started with a single focus in 2001… of bringing our founder Catherine Ang’s talent in graphic and product design, coupled with her branding and business expertise – to craft and source custom promotional merchandise for marketers.

Today, we are a highly collaborative consultancy that designs and produces branded merchandise and products that are built to create a lasting impression. We work to consistently create, produce, and source sustainable, quality promotional merchandise.

We have carved out a name for ourselves as the ‘one stop creative solutions shop’, combining the skills of an experiential agency and boutique production house all under one roof.

We like to get under the skin of the brands and agencies that we work with, to understand the needs of their audiences, so together we can identify unique branded opportunities that will captivate before, during and long after the campaign is over.

No one project or promotional product is the same. Each one presents a special opportunity to create a customized solution that can only belong to your brand.

From our new central Mount Pleasant studio, we collaborate with Canada’s leading agencies to activate their brands. Ango, we exist to take brands off paper.

It starts with an idea. Yours

Go Beyond

The foremost brand pillar of Ango Promotions is our agency culture… that of collaboration and a spirit of partnership. If you win… we win. It’s that simple.

From here – we can go anywhere

Go Bold!

Once the promotional piece has been created, it doesn’t stop there. We work with you to ensure your promotional assets are deployed and work the way you intended.

Love the moment

Go Viral

Elevate, excite and inspire. This is the emotional barometer we use as a check to ensure all audiences are fully engaged.

Respecting our beautiful planet

Go Green
It means the world to us – together

We work to source sustainable products fairly. Our merchandise is made from recycled materials, upcycled, renewable or natural materials wherever possible. At Ango, we are constantly searching for ways to minimize our environmental footprint.

Catherine and Junior enjoying a sunny morning visit to Red Truck Brewery in Mount Pleasant. Junior is proudly sporting his new Ango Promotions collar.

Invention – My Creative Approach

As a self confessed tech geek, I am always on the hunt for the next innovative product for brands to put their stamp on. If I can’t find it, I’ll invent it, and have been known to combine two existing ideas to create a brand new “hybrid” promo item!

This stems from my engineering mindset and inquisitive nature, even from a young age, when I would take household items apart and re-construct them to figure out how exactly they would work, and how they could work more effectively.

Ango gives me a platform to express my creativity and passion for invention. I get excited when a new project comes in. It means a new opportunity to invent and collaborate.

Catherine Ang, Founder & Activation Specialist