We here at Ango Promotions thrive on being challenged. It is our driving force and puts us into a unique category among our competition. If a suitable product that creates a perfect buzz for a particular incentive isn't available on the market, we will create it for our clients.

This particular example takes us back a few years where we had to create a unique game character shaped CD case that would hold up to 6 mini CDs.

After a a few meetings with a client to find out what they were trying to achieve with this item, a very intense research process was undertaken. For this project, we had to go back to the origins and find out everything there was to know about the main game character, who morphs into a ball to access hidden passageways. Over the years, and throughout the 6 previous games, there were a few changes as demonstrated in the picture below:

After careful consideration, the most recognizable and iconic version was chosen. We went as far as 3D rendering the non-existent product to demonstrate its presence in space. This was before we knew what medium was going to be used or what functionality this case might have.

Once the easy part was done, we were then faced with the challenge of choosing the right medium, since we were told the case would need to be very durable. A particular blend of plastic and rubber was chosen, and our talented artwork department used Auto CAD to create all the functional parts of the case. View the .gif demo we used in our final presentation to the client.

When the prototypes finally arrived, we were really pleased with the result, but still had no idea how to brand the item. The logo used for PR and marketing of this franchise was up to 8 colours with halftones, which was quite intricate for a simple pad printing. The decision after a few trials and errors was to to use a clear PVC label manually applied onto the individual cases. It was a task and a half for 50,000 units but probably the most rewarding to finally see the finished product:

As usual, this is just one small but very integral part of a larger package - showcasing how much hard work and thought is put into creating each project through Ango Promotions.



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