It's T-Shirt Time!!!!

Beginning in the late 1960s, the t-shirt became a medium for wearable art, from political protest and pop culture art, to images of cultural icons. Today, many notable and memorable t-shirts produced in the 1970s have now become ensconced in pop culture. Examples include the bright yellow happy face t-shirts, the Rolling Stones tops with their unmistakable logo, and the iconic "I ♥ N Y”. T-shirts can also be used to carry commercial advertising and this is where we come in.

A simple, graphic t-shirt can be just as effective for advertising as a commercial during the Super Bowl. It can have tremendous impact, since it has a reusable message and also helps the wearer belong to a particular subculture associated with the graphic.

Ango Promotions is fortunate to be able to produce wearable art for iconic brands like Nintendo, Electronic Arts and Red Bull, just to mention a few.

Choosing the right method of "branding" is the key. We employ most available methods from direct digital printing to heat transfer and silk screening. Each project is evaluated and the best available option proposed. Contact us directly for further evaluation of your t-shirt printing needs.

In the meantime, please take a look at the most recent Ango Promotions t-shirts:



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